New Employees

Direct Deposit Forms

It is mandatory that you utilize the direct deposit system at UBC, you must complete the Payroll Direct Deposit Form available on this page:

Email Accounts

For faculty and staff to obtain a FASmail email account, you are required to have an employee ID # and CWL ID. Please send this information to itsupport[at]

You can then create your UBC CWL account - click here.

For students, you are required to set up your own UBC email account - click here.

Keys & Access Cards

With prior approval from your Supervisor, you must complete the key form available from your Departmental Administrator (LSC 1373), then take it to Parking & Security where a $20 deposit is required. LSC Access Cards usually require a 2 day turnaround time and a $15.00 deposit to Parking & Security. Replacement access cards are at a cost of $25.00.