Application and Admission

Every year the Department of Microbiology and Immunology receives far more applications than positions available. Before applying to the graduate program in Microbiology & Immunology please carefully consider the admission requirements.

The following deadlines are guidelines for Admission applications. If you are a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident and wish to have your Tri-Council Master Scholarship considered through the Department of Microbiology and Immunology you must apply to this Graduate program by Dec 31st. If you are concerned that your application will not be completed by the following deadlines please email the Graduate Program Coordinator for an extension.

International students must apply early in the cycle (your deadline is one month earlier). This allows time for credential verification and study permit processing.


Program Start Date - Sept 1
Application Deadlines (International) - Feb 1 
Application Deadlines (Domestic) - Feb 14

Program Start Date - Jan 1
Application Deadlines (International) opened by supervisor request - July 30
Application Deadlines (Domestic) opened by supervisor request - Aug 30 

Program Start Date - May 1
Application Deadlines (International) - Oct 30
Application Deadlines (Domestic) - Nov 30

Admission Procedures

  1. Admission to the Department of Microbiology and Immunology is dependent on securing a research supervisor and meeting the academic minimum requirements. If you have any questions about the admission process please email the Graduate Program Assistant at
  2. Please prepare all required documents and referees.
  3. Apply Online.
  4. Please visit our Faculty and associate members information page; you are encouraged to contact, via e-mail, the faculty members you are interested in working with. It is important to review faculty profiles and research prior to emailing to ensure you are interested in their research projects. Please DO NOT mass email all faculty members in the Department. Applicants are not required to have found a supervisor prior to applying; however, admission to a program is based on supervisor availability.

  5. Please email the grad coordinator for any inquiries. 

  6. For students who have applied and are unable to secure a supervisor, please contact the grad coordinator.

  7. ***International students please visit the Graduate Studies website to see the minimum academic requirements by country. The Graduate Studies website is a valuable resource.

Document Requirements

Online Application - Your online application is sent to the Department automatically.

Transcripts - Original transcripts plus transcript key must be uploaded to the application. If the academic records are in a language other than English, you must arrange for certified official translations to be attached. Official Transcripts should be sent directly from your university to Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies if admitted

***International applicants also may be required to submit Degree Certificate(s).

TOEFL or IELTS (for international applicants) - TOEFL or IELTS scores are required for all applicants whose primary language is not English and/or who received their undergraduate degree in any language other than English. Language scores must be issued to UBC, directly from the Educational Testing Centre. TOEFL code for UBC = 0965 and Dept code = 07.

Language tests must be less than two year and have an overall score of TOEFL: 100 minimum 25 points in each category. IELTS: minimum score in each category is 6.5

English Language Test

Letters of Recommendation (3) a. By using the eReference form emailed to them when applicants application is submitted. Please note that referees email address must be entered in your application for this feature to work. Also, free email accounts such as Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo do not work.

b. Mailing a free form letter to the Graduate Program Office. Please ensure that the envelope is endorsed by the referee by signing across the seal of the envelope.

Other Supporting Documentation - You are welcome to append additional information regarding professional employment experience, publications or awards which you feel should be taken into account in considering your application. If you have been out of university for more than two years, this information is mandatory.