July 2016

July 29th - update from Paul Kubes, chair of CIHR Peer Review Working group

Composition of this working group and their terms of reference.


Outcome of UBC townhall meeting - short and long term goals  (forwarded to CIHR Peer Review Working group, July 27th)

UBC's Short and long term goals for CIHR. V2.27July 2016.pdf

and, as a result, 

UBC VPRI statement on CIHR reforms:


also at this site,

information on how to register for UBC discussion group on FUNDAMENTAL SCIENCE REVIEW

UBC collectively will contribute to this, but we can also contribute as individuals:

Please contribute now -   the government is already looking at the input 

Fundamental science survey for government 

more info at (


If you missed the the UBC Townhall meeting on CIHR funding and peer review, here is the video:

Complete Summary notes of UBC townhall meeting

Christy’s notes from townhall meeting of CIHR funding and peer review July 20th 2016.revised.pdf

Flyer for UBC town hall meeting, and useful links to surveys

TOWNHALL meeting on CIHR funding_finalrevised.pdf


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