Hirst Lab - Publications

Selected Publications

Blaschke, K., Ebata, K.T., Karimi, M.M., Zepeda-Martinez, J.A., Goyal, P., Mahapatra, S., Tam, A., Laird, D.J., Hirst, M., Rao, A., Lorincz, M.C., &  Ramalho-Santos, M. Vitamin C induces Tet-dependent DNA demethylation and a blastocyst-like state in ES cells. Nature 2013 June 30; 500:222-226.


Zhang, B., Zhou, Y., Lin, N., Lowdon, R. F., Hong, C., Nagarajan, R. P., … Hirst, M., …& Wang, T. Functional DNA methylation differences between tissues, cell types, and across individuals discovered using the M&M algorithm. Genome research 2013 June 13; 23:1522-1540.


Stevens, M., Cheng, J. B., Li, D., Xie, M., Hong, C., Maire, C. L., Ligon, K.L., Hirst, M., Marro, M.A., Costello, J.F., & Wang, T. Estimating absolute methylation levels at single-CpG resolution from methylation enrichment and restriction enzyme sequencing methods. Genome research 2013 June 13; 23:1541-1553.


Xie, M., Hong, C., Zhang, B., Lowdon, R. F., Xing, X., Li, D., … Hirst, M., … & Wang, T. DNA hypomethylation within specific transposable element families associates with tissue-specific enhancer landscape. Nature genetics 2013 May 26; 45:836-841.


Dvinge, H., Git, A., Gräf, S., Salmon-Divon, M., Curtis, C., Sottoriva, A., … Hirst, M., … & Caldas, C. The shaping and functional consequences of the microRNA landscape in breast cancer. Nature 2013 May 5; 497: 378-382.


Pugh, T. J., Morozova, O., Attiyeh, E. F., Asgharzadeh, S., Wei, J. S., Auclair, D., … Hirst, M., … & Gerhard, D. S. The genetic landscape of high-risk neuroblastoma. Nature genetics 2013 January 20; 45:279-284.


Falconer, E., Hills, M., Naumann, U., Poon, S. S., Chavez, E. A., Sanders, A. D., Zhao, Y., Hirst, M., & Lansdorp, P. M. DNA template strand sequencing of single-cells maps genomic rearrangements at high resolution. Nature methods 2012 October 7; 9:1107-1112.


Muzny, D. M., Bainbridge, M. N., Chang, K., Dinh, H. H., Drummond, J. A., Fowler, G., … Hirst, M., … & Chuah, E. Comprehensive molecular characterization of human colon and rectal cancer. Nature 2012 July 18; 487: 330-337.


Heravi-Moussavi, A., Anglesio, M. S., Cheng, S. W. G., Senz, J., Yang, W., Prentice, L., … Hirst, M., & Huntsman, D. G. Recurrent somatic DICER1 mutations in nonepithelial ovarian cancers. New England Journal of Medicine 2012 January 19; 366:234-242.