Mohn Lab - Principal Investigator





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Publications: William W. Mohn's Publications

Office #: 604-822-4285

History: B.A., Biology, Colgate University (1983); Ph.D., Microbiology, Michigan State University (1990); Research Associate, National Research Council Canada, Ottawa (1990-1992)

Office: Room 4501, 2350 Health Sciences Mall, Life Sciences Centre

Research Interests

The Mohn lab studies diverse topics in microbial catabolism and ecology, using classical, molecular, genomic and metagenomic approaches. We are investigating bacterial degradation of organic compounds, including steroids and lignocellulose, elucidating the catabolic pathways as well as the responsible organisms within the context of complex microbial communities. We are also investigating interactions between the early-life gut microbiome and developing immune system and elucidation how those interactions can lead to health or disease states, such as asthma. This research is relevant to the manufacture of bioproducts, environmental stewardship and human health.