General Information

In addition to the Life Science Centre, the Microbiology & Immunology undergraduate program laboratories and offices are located in the Wesbrook building.

The Wesbrook building is located at:
6174 University Blvd.
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3

Dr. Tracy Kion
Senior Undergraduate Advisor
Room 125
Dr. William Ramey
Past Senior Undergraduate Advisor
Room 136
Craig Kornak
Undergraduate Program Assistant
Room 124

Please note that correspondence should be directed to the Undergraduate Program Assistant at 2350 Health Sciences Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4.

Wesbrook Faculty

Professor of Teaching
Dr. William Ramey, Rm 136

Senior Instructors
Dr. Wade Bingle, Rm 126
Dr. Tracy Kion, Rm 125

Dr. David Oliver, Rm 130

Mrs. Ehleen Hinze, Rm 129
Ms. Jennifer Sibley, Rm 123
Mrs. Karen Smith, Rm 115

Also located in the Wesbrook building:

Media Room Services, Rm 1
Invitrogen, Rm 148