Double Major

Double Major Programs

Students intending to major in two areas should consult the Senior Departmental Advisor in each program before the beginning of their third year. All Double Major programs need the approval from the senior advisor in each department and a senior advisor in the Faculty of Science. Students should be aware that, in most cases, it might not be possible to complete a Double Major in four years.

A Double Major program requires a minimum of 125 credits, but could require more. The exact number of credits required will depend on the particular choice of the second Major.

Students who are in the Double Major program must satisfy all degree requirements of one department, including all course, breadth, and Faculty requirements.

For the second department a student only needs to satisfy the departmental specific requirements. Students considering the Double Major should try to satisfy course prerequisites for both departments in the first two years.

If you are considering a Double Major with Computer Science you should also consider the Combined Major and the Combined Honours Programs with Computer Science since these programs include the core requirements and will take less time than a double Major.

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